30,001 BC

30,001 BC
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This entertaining and adventurous historical novel incorporates the coming-of-age theme into an ancient era, that of 30,001 BC. Set in a tribal African community during the Stone Age, a young man named Cub has designed a tool kit that holds technology only he can understand. But being a nerd does not endear Cub to his father, Wolf. The shaman of the tribe, Wolf worries that his son will not become the leader he needs to be. So Wolf sends Cub and three others out into the world to search for better hunting grounds. The journey takes Cub out of his comfort zone and into the wilderness, crossing the strait dividing Africa from Europe. In this test of manhood, Cub finally gets his head out of his toolbox and into nature, where he meets his true destiny. Cub?s group is captured by Neanderthals, who realize that Cub?s talents will benefit their village. Becoming a member of this new community, Cub matures into the man and the leader he was meant to be. Using his brain over his brawn, he meets his first love and carves out a new life for himself, among those who appreciate his talents.

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30,001 BC